Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So I've been a bad girl. I've started drinking more pepsis and sneaking in the occassional sweet. When I slowed down to 1-2 a day, I lost EIGHT POUNDS in one week. So now I'm hoping I can do this again. I've fought so hard with my weight for so long, but I'm tired of it.
I have this beautiful little girl that I am going to watch grow up. But I want to see it all first hand, not sitting off on the sidelines because I'm too big to be able to play and have fun with her. Just the little bit I've lost so far I can already tell a difference. I'm able to wrestle around wtih her longer and not be out of breath. I think Charlee's amazed cuz Mommy actually spends a little more time on the floor with her.
She's getting SOOOO big now. At her checkup last month, she was up to 16lbs 13oz, was 24.25 inches long :) The doctor said her weight was nearly perfect (FINALLY!!!) but her length was a little short. I looked down at myself, looked at John and then looked at the doctor. He finally got what I was saying and laughed "Yeah I guess genetics COULD play a part in that!"
She's saying Nana and Dada pretty good now, and there is FINALLY the occassional Mama thrown in now. We laugh she's a "cave baby" cuz she grunts and growls at everyone.
She LOVES Nana's two chihuahuas. Jake is a little wary because of the flailing arms, but Jacie will just lay there and let her pet and pull and hug. I guess that litter of puppies broke her of any inhibitions of yanking things.
Charlee has discovered the ability of getting up on all 4s now and rocking. She can go a "step" or two on crawling but then she falls. I'm terrified of when she starts cuz it'll be twice as hard to keep up with her, but then again I can't wait to see those little chubby legs going across the floor LOL
She loves other little kids and finds them endlessly amusing. Whitney's little niece Braxton is Charlee's BEST FRIEND. She sees Braxi and her face just lights up and she starts giggling. Nana is the only other one that can get her so pumped up.
Well I'm off to type some more recipes. ...anything you wanna talk about....you can hunt me up on Myspace or Facebook.

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