Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Potty Training Extrodinaire

We are on Day #5 of potty training Charlee, and it's going AMAZINGLY well :)
Last Thursday I started noticing Charlee was showing a LOT of interest in her little princess potty chair that Mom bought her for her birthday. She would come in the bathroom with me, (like she's done since she became mobile) go over to her chair, lift the lid, squat down in front of it, stand up, pat herself and then close the lid.
We went to the library that afternoon and I picked up a few books on potty training, figuring it couldn't hurt to get the perspectives of a few different moms on how they worked with THEIR babies. When we got home, I sat in the bathroom floor with her and showed her the potty, let her sit on it and touch everything. We poured some water in it to show her that it played music when SHE put something in there, and so on and so on.
Friday morning we got up and ate breakfast. After she finished eating, I noticed she was squatting down like she does when she goes in her diaper. I jumped up and rushed her to the bathroom. I put her on her chair and sure enough, within about ten minutes, the little song played...she'd done #1 & #2 in the potty!!! It went like that ALL DAY! She only used one diaper that day, and the same on Saturday! Sunday we went to John's parents' house and she used two diapers because she would get too excited playing with her Papaw to go to the potty....she still used the chair 3-4 times!
Yesterday we bought her some training panties. They look just like regular little panties, they just have a LOT more fabric down in the crotch area...She wore them all day and only peed in them once. I was soo proud...and then last night she actually woke up at midnight JUST to go to the bathroom, she went back to sleep 5 minutes later :)

****Oh an on another note, Charlee has been COMPLETELY bottle-free since New Years Day...and the first night is the ONLY night she's even fussed about it. Ever since then, it's like she never had one :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

A new year. A new beginning. New resolutions. New hopes and dreams. A fresh start.

It's hard to believe that Charlee will be 15 months old next weekend!!! She's walking and doing a pretty good little jog now. She has also figured out now that she can carry bigger things when she walks. She has a blow up "bop-it" penguin that's almost as tall as her, and she drags him around. It's so funny because she's doing this little waddle-walk-jog thing.
She's eating completely off the table now...no more baby food for my big girl. Her new favorite thing is chicken nuggets and fries.
And she's also now figured out how to say "bad" and "that". We don't get as many grunts now....it's "that" "THAT!" LOL She's so cute!!!

My new goal for the year this year is to lose AT LEAST 50 pounds. I can't believe I've gotten so big since we graduated. I only gained 11lbs when I was pregnant with Charlee, but I've only lost 6 of those pounds...and that's not counting the 80lbs I've picked up since we graduated high school. I'm depressed...and damn it, I'm tired of it!!! So, I got an exercise DVD and I'm working with that....and thinking about trying to get a gym membership if John doesn't bring up the Bowflex soon.

I'm also waiting for our tax check to come in so I can get rid of my bad teeth. I've had problems with them forever...and it was just the other day that I realized that they could be the reason why I'm having such a hard time getting pregnant. They've been messed up since about the time John and I got married and have only gotten worse.....and I couldn't get pregnant. Well then in December of 2007, they abscessed the first time and they put me on antibiotics and then lo and behold, I got pregnant in late January!!! Then they started causing problems again after I had Charlee, but I haven't had time or the money to get them done yet. ....but after the agony I've had for the past week, I'm counting down to getting our tax check so I can get these stupid things taken care of.

Then, maybe by this time next year, we'll have announced that we're getting ready to have a little brother or sister for Charlee.

2009 was a crazy year! We had lots of lows, and not as many high points as I would have liked, so I'm hoping that 2010 will look up. It's got promise. Nana is off chemo and on a new cancer medicine. They've given her a longer life expectancy now. All the cancer is still there, but it's not as agressive as it was before, so we're hoping she'll be okay for a few more years. She's up doing things again, eating a little better (even though she's still way below where she needs to be weight wise), she can pick up Charlee now and is really getting to enjoy her great granddaughter.

And Charlee is doing better. The reflux is completely gone...she's caught up and even exceeding some of her "milestones". It's amazing to see my little princess becoming such a little girl :) I still find it hard to believe that she was that little 5lb preemie and now she's this walking, talking little PERSON!!!

So, on we go into a new year. Hopefully it treats us all better than last year did. Things can only go up, right?


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