Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Our wonderful Wednesday gift
Baby Stewart, measuring 1 day behind, so 7weeks 2 days!!!
Everything looked perfect.
We got to see the heart fluttering and got to hear the tiny heartbeat....143 beats per minute.
We are in love!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We are 7weeks and 3 days pregnant now.  My morning sickness started last weekend, but thankfully John was on vacation so he was able to help out :)  I didn't really get SICK, it was ALL heartburn. At first peppermints helped, then that wore out, thee milk helped, then that quit, too.  So I finally called my OB/GYN yesterday and she called in some phenegren and told me to buy a bottle of Pepcid for the heartburn.  All I can say is Pepcid is my new best friend!!! I finally feel like a normal person again!

Tomorrow is our first ultrasound.  I'm so nervous.  I think that everything is okay, I'm feeling sick, my belly is DEFINITELY growing (I've been in maternity jeans since 6wks!) and I still "feel" pregnant.  So, here's to hoping that there is a beautiful little "Bean" in there with a beating heart.  Please pray for us tonight and tomorrow that everything is okay in there!  I will post tomorrow as soon as I get home :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday today...the big quarter century mark!!  Went to dinner with John's parents at Texas Roadhouse.  Tomorrow we are going down to my parents' and staying until Sunday.  Dad is taking my Explorer to the shop and getting it fixed for me and we're having my birthday dinner...grilling out and a DQ ice cream cake!!
Now, on to the big news....CHARLEE IS GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!!!!
I am due October 30, but the OB said that because of the issues that caused me to deliver Charlee early, this baby will probably come on the same schedule, which would put me going into labor on September 27.


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