Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Potty Training Extrodinaire

We are on Day #5 of potty training Charlee, and it's going AMAZINGLY well :)
Last Thursday I started noticing Charlee was showing a LOT of interest in her little princess potty chair that Mom bought her for her birthday. She would come in the bathroom with me, (like she's done since she became mobile) go over to her chair, lift the lid, squat down in front of it, stand up, pat herself and then close the lid.
We went to the library that afternoon and I picked up a few books on potty training, figuring it couldn't hurt to get the perspectives of a few different moms on how they worked with THEIR babies. When we got home, I sat in the bathroom floor with her and showed her the potty, let her sit on it and touch everything. We poured some water in it to show her that it played music when SHE put something in there, and so on and so on.
Friday morning we got up and ate breakfast. After she finished eating, I noticed she was squatting down like she does when she goes in her diaper. I jumped up and rushed her to the bathroom. I put her on her chair and sure enough, within about ten minutes, the little song played...she'd done #1 & #2 in the potty!!! It went like that ALL DAY! She only used one diaper that day, and the same on Saturday! Sunday we went to John's parents' house and she used two diapers because she would get too excited playing with her Papaw to go to the potty....she still used the chair 3-4 times!
Yesterday we bought her some training panties. They look just like regular little panties, they just have a LOT more fabric down in the crotch area...She wore them all day and only peed in them once. I was soo proud...and then last night she actually woke up at midnight JUST to go to the bathroom, she went back to sleep 5 minutes later :)

****Oh an on another note, Charlee has been COMPLETELY bottle-free since New Years Day...and the first night is the ONLY night she's even fussed about it. Ever since then, it's like she never had one :)

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