Monday, July 26, 2010

Missing What Never Was

I had my "emergency" doctor's visit today at 2:15 this afternoon.  I got there at 2:09 and wasn't seen until after 3:00. It sucked having to sit there for so long, but at least it gave John time to get home from work so he could be there.

The nurse practitioner came in and gave me a quick pelvic and said that she was worried about the blood because it was coming from my cervix, but that she had seen people bleed worse and still have a healthy pregnancy.  She ordered an ultrasound and some bloodwork.

We went in for the ultrasound and she found the sac right away...but there was no baby.  She said if I was earlier, that would be okay, because it would just mean the baby hadn't developed yet, but the sac measured right on time, but there was no sign of a baby, or any sign that there ever HAD been a baby.

We spoke with the doctor again and she said that it was a pregnancy that never involved a baby.  I looked it up and it's called a "blighted ovum".  The egg was fertilized and implanted, but a baby never grew out of it.

She said that within a week I should miscarry it naturally and if not, they'll do a D&C.  I have to go back this Friday to do another blood test, and then I'll go back in 3 weeks for one final count to make sure my hcg levels have dropped enough to show that I've fully miscarried, and to have a "grief meeting" with the doctor.

I just want to thank everyone for all their thoughts and prayers, they've meant a lot.

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