Sunday, July 18, 2010

So Thankful

I talk to my pregnant friends online, and listen to the talking about how badly their husband, fiance, or boyfriend is taking their pregnancy, how even though they're approaching their due dates, the men in their lives are out drinking and doing drugs, out blowing money on beer and video games instead of getting things for their kids.....And all I can think of is John.  He works a hard job to make enough money so that I can stay home with Charlee.  And now, with another baby on the way, he's excited, not griping about the extra expenses, or how it's going to mean even less time for us together, and each of us to have any alone time.
I'm so lucky that I have John.  I'm so lucky to have a man who loves me...who would give up anything to make his daughter happy....and who is excited over this new baby even though it IS a shock lol.
We've had our rough spots, and I know we'll probably have more.  But we have a gorgeous little girl, and another baby on the way...and we'll always be a family.  Love has brought us through so many dips and turns in the road, and it will keep up the smooth sailing, and now there's even a little more love in the family :)

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  1. Every relationship has it's hard times...but honoring the covenant of marriage- the commitment that you made to each other and God- and getting through those times is what marriage is all about. Make sure to tell him how thankful you are and I hope that he tells you the same. Don't leave anything left unsaid- you never know what tomorrow may hold. I'm glad you have each other and Charlee and another blessing on the way.



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