Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Party Pooper

We went down to Mom and Dad's Friday morning early, early, early and had a great visit...Nana made Steak & Gravy (John and I's favorite) and then proceeded to bake 96 cupcakes (THANK GOD Mom has TONS of counter space in the new house)
It took Charlee FOREVER to get to sleep that night though. Her teeth were hurting (four molars and bottom two canines are starting to poke through and her poor mouth is KILLING her) and the fact that she wasn't in her own bed with her family of stuffed animals was just really ticking off the princess. She finally fell asleep at about 1130 and then slept until 730 the next morning.
She got up and only ate a few bites of oatmeal and two or three drinks of her milk. Since none of you are here every morning for breakfast....this girl usually eats a whole jar of Stage 3 Gerber oatmeal with apples and bananas...plus a sippy of milk, and sometimes another of juice. I was concerned, but thought it was just because of the excitement in the house and since she was still so tired.
We got all the stuff ready for the party, made a quick trip to Power's to buy tape to hang stuff and a bag of ice....then stopped on the way back to hang signs and balloons on the road signs going back to Mom and Dad's house. Had some lunch, finished decorating, sat up all the cupcakes, and Mom finished cleaning house.

People started arriving, we stacked up all the presents and then ate some dinner...grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and Nana's homeade baked beans.
Charlee was EXHAUSTED by now, so we opened presents really quick and then she went down for a nap. She got a couple outfits and a bunch of toys. Pap gave her $20 and Mimi &Papaw sent her a Wal-Mart gift card.

That night John went to the movies, Katie went out with her friends and Dad had to work, so it was me, Mom and Nana...we worked a puzzle and snacked around on party leftovers
Charlee started running a fever and I tried giving her Tylenol, but it wouldn't bring down the fever. The only thing she ate all day was the oatmeal and three bites of a hotdog...and two sippies of juice. The next morning she was still running the fever but she did eat a little bit.
Ran the fever all day, got up over 102 and I started freaking out. It finally did break right before she went to bed.
Monday she finally quit the fever but still wouldn't eat, so I called her doctor. He said he thought it could be H1N1 because of some of the other symptoms she was having, and needed to be seen immediately...when I asked to set up an appointment though, he said they were full til at least Thursday...gee thanks!!!
So off to the ER we went....when they weighed her, it scared me to death. She had lost 4 pounds and 2 ounces since her check=up last Wednesday.
after sitting there for 12 hours, and having to file and refile her paperwork because people can't READ....they spelled her name wrong TWICE and then had her down as a male!!!! GRRRRR.....they finally told us it was an "undescriptive virus"...a.k.a....they don't know what it is....so they sent us home with no meds or anything...just to wait it out.
Now she's got a horrible cough. She's eating pretty good, but she's choking on a lot of stuff...even the stage 1 foods...so if it's not better tomorrow, I guess I'll call back the pediatrician and sit up an appointment for Thursday.

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