Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Baby

So, yesterday was another big step in the life of Charlee Jean Stewart. At 4:19pm she turned ONE YEAR OLD!

It's so hard to believe that a year ago, I was sitting in a hospital room holding this teeny tiny baby in my arms...trying to figure out what it meant to be a mommy. All I knew at the time was that she was perfect and my heart was so full of love for her...I didn't think I could love anyone more!

Now it's a year later, and we have been through HELL with this child. So crazy to think she was only sick one time while we were in the hospital and acted fine even the first few days we were home. Then on came the puking. EVERYTHING that went in her tiny tummy would come right back up. We called the doctor, she said it could be jaundice......then wanted to run tests on her because she actually weighed less at three weeks old than she did at birth. (I'm thinking...Gee...if you puke up everything you put down your mouth, you're not going to GAIN anything!!!) Sure enough things were off we went for a week at Kosair's Children's Hospital. They gave her some meds and sent us home...and she was better for all of about a week..then the throwing up started AGAIN, worse than before...we went to the doctor multiple times and she wouldn't do ANYTHING, even though Charlee still wasn't gaining any weight. To put it this way..she weighed 5lbs 11oz...she only weighed 6lbs 4oz at her two month check up. In January it got to the point that she was vomiting blood. So off we went to Kosair's again, without even caring what the pediatrician said. Obviously blood in vomit=bad! Especially in a baby!
Another week in Kosair's...our last day there, we were visited by a partner of our pediatrician who told us that Charlee would be doing MUCH better if we were giving her the medicine for her condition.
Ummm.....hello?!?!?! What condition?!??!?!?! No one ever told us ANYTHING. Turns out Charlee had reflux...and it was in her charts since the first time she got so sick..and she was supposed to be on medicine for it, but someone forgot the most important part...TO TELL US!!!!
After going home, we were supposed to have a check-up in a week, and we changed pediatricians.
The new doctor put her on medicines and changed her over to Nutramigen formula and she started doing so much better....she became immune to the medicines pretty quickly, so we ended up using FOUR different ones, and just a few days after we changed to the fourth one, she started throwing up her Nutramigen....gave her a bottle of plain formula and she kept it down fine....and the same with cow's milk. So....she just outgrew it :)
We were told she had problems with her head and neck...referred to a physical therapist for it and the therapist pretty much told us the NP was crazy and Charlee had nothing wrong with her. Said the only place she was lacking at was in skills interacting with people other then John and myself.
So now, every few weekends, we get together with BJ, Jessica and Lexi for a playdate. The four of us adults all have a blast and the girls love each other Charlee has a friend..and someone a few months older to start to learn things from :)

She's starting to try to walk on her own now. She's cruising around holding things REALLY well, and now she can stand for about two minutes by herself, but she's still scared to let go of we're working with her on it.
Things can only get better from here, and we love her more every day...she is our little miracle baby and it's hard to believe how she's growing :)

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