Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update on Charlee

So, we spent 5 hours at Kosair's hospital yesterday. After spending the last three weeks arguing with our pediatrician over the phone...I called in about Charlee's problems, he kept saying it was nothing and wouldn't see her....and gee, lo and behold she was SICK!!!
Turns out she's about 3 weeks into pertussis. So, they did the nasal something-or-other test and sent us home with a prescription for whooping cough. It's pretty much a baby version of a Z-pack.
He says she's beyond the contagious stage, so now she just has to take her medicine for 5 days and then she has to stay at home for five more days afterwards. She can have visitors, just can't go out anywhere where she could be re-exposed to the disease. Since there is an "epidemic proportion" outbreak of pertussis in our area, she has to stay home for awhile. It's so touchy she's not even allowed to sit on the porch or go out to get the mail with me like she always does. Poor monkey can't understand why she can't go....she stood at the door watching while I went out to get the mail earlier..it was SO SAD!

We've finally got all but about one box unpacked (and that's just a junk box that really has nothing in it)...and everything except our room is straightened up. It's still pretty much a disaster, but only because we're getting ready to put a BUNCH of stuff in John's mom's yard sale in two weeks.
Mom and Nana came to see us last Saturday and Elise and Steven came up last Sunday. Now we're waiting to set a date for Jessica and her husband BJ and their little girl Alexis to come over for a dinner/playdate :) Charlee loves other little kids so much, but doesn't have an opportunity to be around others, so we're really looking forward to it.
Before we moved back up here, I took her to Brittany and Logan's house one night and she played with the twins. They're 3 so...older than she is, but she really hit it off with Noah and Brittany and I were laughing we're going to end up in-laws LOL
Well, off to do some more laundry! Oh joy!

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