Saturday, September 5, 2009


So, I'm not pregnant again. I was really hoping I was, but well....we waited for 3 1/2 years to conceive Charlee, so...I promised myself I wouldn't get my hopes up, but well, it's hard not to.

Charlee is doing really well...she's talking our ears off. She'll take a few steps holding on to stuff...and loves to walk if John or I will hold her hands to do it...but she's terrified to let go and try on her own. She calls "Dada" and "Nana" a lot...and actually knows what they mean now. I, Mommy, am now important enough to be called by name too....sometimes...when she's really desperate LOL

I went shopping Thursday and bought the biggest part of Charlee's birthday decorations. I got the banners, invitations, and even a set of high-chair decorations. I found a little headband with a stuffed "tiara" on the front with a big "1" on it and a little "award" ribbon that says Birthday Girl on it. I got her a cute little pink and chocolate striped onesie and am buying a little pink tutu for her to wear over it :) I'm cheating and leaving her naked to eat her cake, and then will take her inside to dress her before we actually do any of the party we don't ruin the outfit.

It's so hard to believe that its been almost 11 months since I had her. I was looking through her baby picture on Myspace while ago, and it only seems like a few weeks ago that she was that tiny little 5 pound baby. It's been a rough year, seems like she's had SO many problems...but she's finally caught up on everything she needs to be.

We found out at her 9 month check-up that she's actually growing TOO MUCH in some areas. She is right at 50th percentile in her weight and height but her head is too big. The dr told us that her head is almost the size of a TWO YEAR OLD's!!!!
She has a tightening in the muscles on the left side of her neck and also favors her left leg. It was scary to hear them talk about her like there's something wrong with her. I think she's perfect...but I do notice these things now that they've told me.

So, on the 15th we have an evaluation with two therapists from First Steps. If she is behind more than 25% in any one developmental group, or 20% in two groups, she qualifies for free therapy, physical or otherwise. I hate to think about her needing anything...but I'd much rather find about some kind of delay NOW than further out in the future. I want to make sure everything is okay with our princess!

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