Sunday, September 20, 2009

Princess Playdates

Charlee had her phsyical therapist session and evaluation on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. They said that they see NO reason why the nurse practitioner even REFERRED Charlee to see, this is why I DO NOT LIKE this practitioner...but does the Dr office listen to ME?!?!!? Nope, sorry about my luck :(
They said the only thing that they could tell was wrong with her is that her social skills are a little lacking, but that is common in only children. They DO want us to get her hearing tested in her left ear, just to make sure there is nothing wrong there, but they said they think she just wasn't paying attentiont because she was busy playing :) Nonetheless we are going to have it checked when we go in for her check-up in three weeks.
Jessica and I were talking and decided that since we all had such a good time last weekend, we'll just starte setting up weekly playdates with the girls. That way, Charlee is getting the "social interaction" she needs and we can ALL have fun.
We went over there last night for about 8 hours. BJ grilled us some hamburgers and Jess made corn and a new homeade macaroni and cheese...which was amazing...think I'm going to have to beg the recipe :P Jess and I went shopping at Once Upon a Child, while the guys played Xbox360 and watched the girls. We came home, made dinner and BJ let John play Guitar Hero for the first time......and when they got tired of that game, we all got to play on the Wii.
Speaking of the Wii, this is what I'm begging Santa to bring me for Christmas.....I really enjoyed that :)

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