Friday, February 25, 2011


Tomorrow will be a hard day, no matter which way we look at it. 
Tomorrow would have been our due date if I hadn't miscarried last July.
We should be holding a newborn baby, and instead we'll be thinking of the what could've been, what should've been....and what is.  I know there is a reason for everything that happens, but that doesn't make my grief any less.
Things have been getting better, and some good news has blessed our family lately.  We found out Nana's cacner is in remission.  She had Stage 4 Colo-Rectal cancer....her doctor told us that there is only a 3% remission rate once it gets that far, and he has NEVER seen anyone over 60 beat it....Nana will be 75 in May :)  My Nana is a strong woman, she beat breast cancer, then it returned and she lost her left breast, but she beat it again....then lung cancer came and she lost the bottom third of her left lung, but she beat that too.  And now this.....the cancer was pretty much everywhere, and now it's just.....NOT.  I think God has great plans for her, and He knows how much we need her around!!!
There is more good news too, but we're waiting to see how things play out before discussing them keep an eye out for updates <3

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