Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally some good news!!!!

So...Nana's chemo actually DID do her some good. Five weeks ago (I know...I know...I'm wayyyyy behind here) she did a CT scan to see what the chemo was doing to her cancer. We were all terrified the five days we had to wait to get back her results, but turns out the fear was crazy, because all we got was good news!!!
Nana was diagnosed with Stage 4 colo-rectal AND liver cancer. As of the day of her testing, the chemo had shrunk the tumors on her colon FIFTY PERCENT!!!!!! Her liver is already pretty much destroyed....we found that out when they did her iliostomy surgery (the night we found out about ALL of this cancer) back in March. But the tumors that were on her liver shrunk by about 15% and have softened.
They say this cancer will still most likely be what kills her, just because so much damage was done before we even knew about it, but at least it is not spreading or growing anymore!!!

She was hospitalized right before the test because her chemo had made her so sick. She told the doctor it didn't matter if it was CURING her, if she was going to be that sick, she wasn't going to take it any more. Well, the day they went back for the test results was her first day BACK to chemo. The drug she is on is a 5 medicine combo....and the oncologist removed one of the drugs, ....don't remember the big name for it, but it was something platinum....and now she is back to normal.
It's so crazy, she came home from chemo, never got sick, never got weak, never felt bad. Within a week of receiving all the good news and taking away that drug, Nana was back up on her feet, cooking dinner, dusting, doing the dishes....SHE WAS NANA AGAIN!!!!
We started discussing it, and since Mom has lost her job, she is staying with her part-time now, and she's staying alone the other half.

Last week I came back to Lanesville to stay with John's at his parents again. They offered to lend us enough money to do a deposit on an apartment or house or whatever to rent until we can get a mortgage, and what do you know, last Monday we found a condo that we fell in love with, and moved in Saturday :)
It's soooo great to be back together as a family. The three of us have NEVER been alone, and Charlee turned ten months old last Thursday.
When John went to work last night, it was so eerie. I was trying to figure out what it was that had me so nervous when I is the VERY FIRST TIME I've ever been alone with my OWN DAUGHTER for more than a few hours. It was so exciting...even though I've been a mommy for 10 months and 6 days, I've never had to rely solely on myself to take care of my child. There has always been someone there. When she was born, we lived with John's parents, and then, just when we started looking for a place of our own, Nana got sick, and we've lived with her the past six months......
Now things are only looking up. John's job is getting ready to renew its contracts, we finally have a place, we have our cars paid off, and we are all three together again at last!!!!

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