Monday, September 27, 2010

Hard to Believe

It's hard to believe it's been 9 weeks ago today since we found out we'd lost our baby.  Hard to think that we'd know the gender by now, and be able to start picking colors and bedding and all that good stuff.  We'd have a name...and a whole new set of hopes and dreams for that baby.

We went back to the doctor for my check-up after the loss and asked them to do some fertility testing.  They ran a TON of bloodwork, tested my thyroid and a bunch of other things.  I go back next Friday to get the results.  Hopefully they find something out from the labs and I can start doing something to help increase our chances at conceiving and KEEPING another baby.  If they don't have any answers from the blood tests, then they'll start doing "invasive" testing.

John is thinking about joining the Army.  It has been his lifelong dream, and I'm finally getting on the bandwagon.  It's terrifying to me, but there are definitely a lot of pluses to it.  They'll pay for fertility treatments.  John can sign his GI Bill to Charlee, so her college will be paid for when she's old enough to go.  We'll get to see the country, and possibly some international can be an exciting thing, even though it'll be scary at the same time to do so many changes at a time!!!

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