Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big Girl

So Charlee is growing again :) She started walking a few weeks ago, and she can now walk all over the apartment. She doesn't need to hold onto anything anymore...she cruises right along on her own. Every now and then she still gets overly excited and will take a tumble, but for the most part she's become a little pro at it :)
Her appetite is back up...to monumental proportions now. She loves everything we eat, and the only time she eats baby food now is sometimes for breakfast. For the most part, she is eating "real" breakfast foods, but some mornings Daddy is too tired to mess with cooking, so she has her yogurt or oatmeal from a jar instead of a bowl LOL
She's babbling pretty good now, and has learned to share from Lexi. She'll bring things to us (sometimes even imaginary things) from the floor or table and say "Ere go!". She'll let you look at it, and then wants it back, though, so we're still learning.
We decorated the Christmas tree on Friday and she "helped" Daddy put the ornaments on. She watched John hang them, so she would take one and sit it on a branch and then couldn't figure out why hers wouldn't stay on the tree! It's adorable, and I have a video of it posted on my facebook page if you want to take a look.
She's done surprisingly well with the ornaments. I went and bought new shatterproof ones to have at least around the bottom because I was terrified of her smashing one and getting shards in her. She will go up and point at them or bump them, but then will 99% of the time stop when we tell her no. She does like to sit in front of the tree with her sippy at night before bed, though, and watch the lights blink.
She has ignored all the presents but hers. Hers is the biggest box, and in a different colored paper from everything else because it was the first wrapped...so it attracts her. I'm thinking about re-wrapping it in a paper that is a little closer to the rest of the ones under the tree. She IS leaving it alone when we tell her to, but I'm waiting for her to find it when I'm out of the room or something!
Nana is down again, worse than she has been in a long time. They cancelled the rest of her chemo..said she was too sick and too weak to handle any more, so I guess it's just a matter of time now. I bought a book for her on Amazon that is about her life. It has guided pages where it will ask a question about her life from birth til now and then she has a page to write about it. I bought it for her to give to Charlee for Christmas. I'm afraid she won't be here much longer, and I want Charlee to know as much as she can about her Nana...and there are things in that book that I have NO CLUE as to what the answers are...so it will be great for both of us to sit down and read.

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