Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kids Are Expensive

Have you ever really wondered exactly HOW MUCH money you've spent on your child since they were born? I'm really starting too! She's completely worth every dime and dollar we've spent on her, but it's just amazing to think someone so small requires so many things, especially stuff that is SO expensive LOL

Charlee had her allergy tests yesterday. She is SEVERELY allergic to sweet potatoes and cats. She's moderately allergic to dust mites, cockroaches, all molds and pollens and dogs. So we are now on the path to making our home "allergy-defensive"

Our first step was to find "dust mite barrier" bedding. They're simply big zip-up bags that go over your mattress and pillows. I FINALLY found a website who had the crib cover for under $50 and the pillow covers for under $20 a piece. So, those are ordered.

Our vacuum has to be replaced with one with an "enclosed HEPA filter" . Our vacuum now has the filter, but it blows dust EVERYWHERE when I vacuum. I really think it probably blows out at least 75% of what it picks up, so it's doing more harm than good because everything is up in the air instead of on the floor! So, we've found a few vacuums to look at. I would LOVE to get a Dyson because they're the best, but well, my checkbook doesn't like it nearly as much as I do!

Then it's on to air quality. Of course, there is a TON of pollution in the air here, so we either need to get a special kind of furnace filter or air purifiers. At first glance, the filters seem a much better buy....$27 vs $200, but then to have the filters do any good, you have to keep the fan running ALL THE TIME on the furnace/ our electric bill would go through the we found a set of purifiers that Lexi's mom bought at Sam's....a 2-pack for $180.

I have been wanting a Shark Steam Pocket cleaner forever, and the allergist said that would be GREAT to have because it sanitizes as it cleans, so I had that on my list, but Mom offered to buy it for me for my birthday, so there's one less thing that we have to buy...and it doubles as something for Mommy LOL

They put her on a nebulizer, taking treatments in the morning and at night because...>GASP<..she DOES have I've been telling them since she was tiny! So we have twice daily breathing treatments, twice daily doses of allergy medicine and Albuterol in case she's having a hard time breathing.....and then daily vacuuming once we get the new cleaner!

Mommy is going to get busy...but hey, our apartment will be the cleanest one in the complex. Hoping to be able to find a home with hardwood floors soon, so we don't have to worry so much about the dust mites and mold and gunk in the carpets!

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